Yeah I'm Alright

by Sun Starer

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Songs that I wrote and recorded between September '15 and August '16, with help from nobody but lil' old me. And Michael McClure. He wrote some of the lyrics on Twice a Day and let me use his bass.


released August 19, 2016

All songs written and recorded by Philip Ivers, except "Twice a Day" written by Philip Ivers and Michael McClure.



all rights reserved


Sun Starer Glasgow, UK

Solo music by Philip Ivers (off of Codist).

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Track Name: TV Calls
Don't believe a word I say, it happens all the time
These things don't come out fast enough and get stuck between the lines
Come a little closer if you want to hear a line
About the things that hide away and never see the light

Stuck on the inside
Maybe I should get out
The other side of the wall
It's because of the winter
But it's the same in the summer
When the TV calls
Track Name: Bubblegum
I'm grilling nothing, nothing that I need
To keep my blood from flowing, flowing properly
Northshore is a place, a place I've never seen
But I'm hoping to watch it soon, I've got the DVD

You're just fucking around
I liked it better when you didn't even make a sound
You're just fucking around
I liked it better when you didn't just fuck around

Bubblegum's important, a real necessity
To make sure blood is flowing, flowing properly
Takes me back to something, something that I see
Recall it from memory or watch the DVD
Track Name: Until Apocalypse
You, you own the dark
I'm not a part of where you are
And we, we've got enough
To last a month or double up

Another one stops, open the top
Alright here comes another
I won't say a word if you need to be heard
Moving along, it's here the it's gone
It's alright there will be others
You won't call it quits until apocalypse
Track Name: Flaky
After green glow lights up the room
In the house across the street from my view
Out the kitchen window, midnight
Always got a hunger to satisfy

Please keep that thing away from me
Main course, but not what I was needing
Weary eyes, they come into play
Energy for another Sunday
Track Name: (You Don't Wanna Do This) Anymore
Take my tongue, don't let me off with what I said tonight
Take it back, you would say that
Full of remorse alright

But you don't wanna do this anymore
Tell me what I can do and I will try my very best
But you don't wanna do this anymore
I'll give my honest opinion, you can figure out the rest

Lesson learned, I'll wait my turn to get punched in the face
Form a queue, that's what we'll do
I won't tell you just in case
Track Name: Convivium
You've got some hurricanes
Convivium today
I'll try to stay away from the bad parts

We tried so long ago
For what I'll never know
The colourful light show was the right part
Track Name: Circumstances Change
We know what we have when we need it
And we take what we want when it's there
And it shows to the people that we know that we care
We turn into different people
If our circumstances change
And the last of all our old ties falls away

And there's something to believe in
And there's something to work towards
Something to ring the alarm and wake you up for
You won't mind the confrontations
Of a life they're trying to steal
Cause you'll be occupied with something real
Track Name: Twice a Day
Twice a day we all need something more
You forget the importance of our front door

I sold my silence for some peace of mind and time to get away

When it's safe to leave it slightly ajar
Twice a day you forget who you are
The bathroom light's working half of the time
Constantly trying to change your mind
Track Name: Unprepared
We've got no more time to get this across
The reason we're here tonight
We've got a lot to cover
I hope you reciprocate, it's not that hard to learn
Repeating the sounds that I make
Your offer in return

Makes my body shake, my fingers don't seem to work
Every time a new face crosses my way for a look
And they're shouting "let us in"
Where do I begin?
When months and months of preparation leaves you with nothing

Try to draw a line a separate the times
When you were unprepared
From when you did just fine
I hope you reciprocate, it's not that hard to learn
Repeating mistakes that I make
Your offer in return
Track Name: Hunch
Stop if you're playing around with me
You're the target on my back
If it's what you wanna be
I've got everything you've wanted
You can try and see

Keep thinking, thinking of what could be
You're the target on my back
If it's what you want to be